I was crazy busy on the actual day of Black Friday, so I shopped all the sales over the weekend. There was a lot of pain and heartache involved in the process; there were things I really really wanted that were sold out by the time I got to buying on Saturday morning. Although, right now I am quite happy with everything I got. Now, all I have to do is to wait for my precious-es to start rolling in over the next days begins.

Now, to the part why you are actually on this page, the products/items that were bought. Links to everything are in the description.

Sister Jane Ciggy Trousers

Sadly, because of the gorgeousness of these exact pants, they seem to already have sold out. But the same ones are available in a different pattern. So hey, you know….go go go…get them now!




Sister Jane Daisy Fay Midi Dress

Love the bow, LOVE the pockets and I love the print. It’s basically a baby smock for grown-ups. I even have a belt already that will go with this. It does help that the clothing and the brand’s site design is delightfully whimsical.

Falke Pure Matt 20 Dernier Leggings

I must live and go to work, so I need these.



Only Onlannali Weaved Scarf

I am thinking this will work well with a white cashmere sweater and nice camel wool coat (like in the photo). I think it would richen-up a nice monochromatic or two-tone outfit. And let’s just say I needed it since I am an accessory-fiend.

Topshop B&B – Shopping Bag

This bag is going to live a miserable life with me. I am going to overfill with everything I do not need to take to work, but I still will. All those random potted succulents, groceries, more than one book that I definitely will not be able to read on the train right to work, and other items of which you get the drift. And this bag will look gorgeous while being assaulted every day!

Topshop Cherry True Bucket Bag

I have the exact bag in the red colour. But this one looks more luxurious than the former AND it costs nothing like it looks.






Mint & Berry Wrap Skirt

It had pearl buttons. That’s all I have to say about the reason why I got this.











River Island Green Bag with Floral Design

River Island Box Bag with Fur Swing







River Island Black Overknee-Boot with Kitten-Heel

River Island Mustard high-neck Sweater-Dress

River Island Grey Lace-up Boots with Kitten-Heel













Scented Candle – Rose 

2er-Pack Bralettes








Scented Candle – Lemongrass

H&M Cityshorts







Carvela Darla Bag

AJ Morgan – Cat-Eye Glasses









The English Factory – Pleated Dress

Noisy May Tall – High-Neck Pullover


ASOS Touch-Screen Gloves












Pull & bear Checked Jogging Trousers

Pull & Bear Cable Knit Sweater – Red

Pull & Bear Tailored Trousers with Ruffled Hems


Solid & Striped Tote Bag – Shopbop 

Unfortunately, this one seems to be sold out now. And I am really not amazed, give how large the price reduction was on Shopbop. If you really love this bag as deeply as I do, it is still definitely available on Net-A-Porter; there, of course at full price.

November 26, 2017

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