Since the past few years I have become more adventurous with colour. When I first moved to Germany about 6 years ago, I saw people around me, on the streets wearing the same dark, grey or muted tones. Impressional a teen that I was then, I thought that I needed to dress exactly like everyone on the streets to fit in.


So for the longest time, I kept buying very pragmatically-Deutsch weather-proof Jack Wolfskin jackets and grey hoodies and the comfortable, hardy jeans.

That worked for about 3 years until I finally decided that I was not meant for this life of drab dressing.

Then, as you would imagine, I spend more of my student job earnings and bought a whole new wardrobe with patterns and colour.




I think, red was the first colour I started wearing quite a bit.

And now I feel most comfortable WHEN wearing colours. It makes sense too.

Growing up in india, having lived in West India for half of my life has to have left a lasting impact on things that I am naturally drawn to.


So I guess, this post is about this unique winter for me. The winter of 2017 is the winter of colour for me. The winter of not trying to look like everyone else. The winter of not imagining that everyone on the street is staring at me and the winter of abandoning debilitating self-consciousness.

December 14, 2017

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